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 I am here to serve you by planning a CUSTOM plan of ATTENTIVE AND PAMPERED care for your pets while you are away. I want you to be rest assured that your home and pets are safe , secure and happy!

I am a Proud Portland Native that spent my early childhood in inner SE Portland and moved to North Portland to be the 4th generation to live in my grandmother's house in the University Park Neighborhood. I was the 3rd generation in my family to proudly attend Roosevelt High school before heading off to Eugene to become a Duck at UofO (I graduated in 1989) and there I first began house sitting and petsitting to earn extra money for school. Later when I returned to Portland in my early 20's I continued to house sit and pet sit for older friends who were traveling and one summer spent 11 days in my apartment. I did this for several years. SO when it came time now in my life to earn money after difficulty finding a Social Services job, I decided after owning and operating Touchstone Coffee House from 1999-2007 I could embark on another personal business and opened GOTCHA COVERED Home & Pet Sitting Services By Becky Bilyeu! ***I currently am unemployed (other than Gotcha Covered services) but I am actively seeking full time employment with the elder community. Once I am employed FT I will continue to offer my petsitting services to those pets who are able to be alone during regular 8-5 weekdays ( or if they have a doggy or cat door) as I find such great joy being with animals and the extra income is always helpful.

I grew up as the oldest of 4 girls and until just before COVID hit I have had a dog my entire life. I am a photographer and love to photograph animals and take lots of pictures of the animals in my care. I also am a mixed media collage artist and a novice knitter. I live in the Roseway neighborhood with my partner of 17 years and she is available in a pinch if ever there is an emergency..(I recently had to call her for an assist in cleaning a very soiled crate that I walked in on a dog I was watching and I just physically couldn't take apart the crate on my own to clean and she like a trooper, came right over to help) !!!! Other than the animals in my life the other stars are my two nieces Grace age 23 and Harper age 13. Life is good as an Auntie!!

I love to walk, spend time at the ocean, do mixed media collage and make cards and other arts and crafts and travel when ever I get the opportunity. The highlight of my life was a solo trip I took to Bali in 2017.  It was Incredible. There I spent time with Elephants and it was life changing.

I love all animals and find it a privilege and an honor to do the work I do. Thanks again for inviting me into your home and entrusting me to care for your animals and your home while you are away. I will treat them as my own. I look forward to hearing from you. 503-781-2779 please call today to book your next petsitting or dog walking appointment!


Your Testimonials/Reviews and Referrals are so appreciated!

WORD OF MOUTH is how my business survives and thrives! Thank you for helping me grow my business!


* Why Me??? *

I am one woman owned and operated business. I have over 25 years experience caring for animals in the comfort of their homes. I am very happy to provide references.

What sets me apart is a natural gift to work with skittish animals and those dogs that are normally afraid to go towards people, if I sit quietly, they just on their own seem to approach me and often let me pet them, much to the amazement of their owners. I Love all sizes of dogs from Tea Cup's to Great Danes! I recently lost a Goldendoodle, Sophie  after 14 1/2 years, she was a Humane Society Rescue dog from a hoarding breeder, that left her with some OCD Quirketies, but she was as sweet as they come. My partner is not ready for a new dog now or maybe ever, so I really get my emotional needs met by being with the animals entrusted into my care. It is also good to note that my partner, a life long animal owner, is available to back me up if I am called away on a cat check in job, held up in traffic or if there is an Emergency. I also have a couple outstanding pet sitters with years of experience that I refer to for services and consulting when I am not available for booking. I do my very best to make sure your needs are covered if I am not available for a booking. GOTCHA COVERED!